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Applying for an Installment Agreement Can Ease Your Financial Burden

This tax settlement is ideal for taxpayers who want to become IRS compliant, but can’t afford a large lump sum payment.

Why Were You Chosen for a Tax Audit?

There are a variety of reasons you might face an audit by the IRS.

Wage Garnishment by the IRS Can Affect Your Financial Stability

Our job is to help get IRS garnishment lifted so you can move forward.

The IRS Issues Tax Penalties for a Variety of Infractions

Lateness isn't the only reason you might get hit with a tax penalty.

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Bad credit can have a negative impact on your financial life.

Tax Credits for Education Can Lower Your Tax Liability

Are you enrolled in higher education courses or paying for a dependent to attend school? Take advantage of these tax credits.

The Truth About Amended Tax Returns

When your tax return is incorrect or incomplete, you'll need to amend it.

Make the Most of Your Employer's Tax Perks

Are you missing out on big tax savings? Learn how it pays to know your company's benefit plan!

Tips on Avoiding Identity Theft

Some simple precautions can prevent financial devastation.

Vehicle Donation May Affect Your Tax Return

How a charity uses your vehicle makes a difference.

Looking to Give to Charity This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Tax Tips

Charitable donations can generally be deducted from your tax return. However, certain regulations apply, so it's important to speak to a tax specialist if you have any questions.

Correspondence Tax Audits and What They Mean for You

Correspondence audits by the IRS still require professional tax help!

Itemizing Deductions Often Provides Tax Savings

Itemizing deductions can be a pain, but it can help you save on your taxes.

Learn How to Get Your Business Out of Payroll Tax Trouble

Looking for payroll tax relief? We'll get you off the hook from harsh IRS penalties.

What Does Home Ownership Mean for Your Tax Return?

Buying a home can have tax benefits.

Maintain Good Documentation Year-Round to Avoid Tax Penalties

Keeping detailed records makes tax time much easier.

Is an Offer in Compromise the Best Tax Settlement for You?

In the case of serious tax problems, this tax settlement might be your best bet.

What Should You Do When You Receive a Notice From the IRS?

A letter from the IRS doesn't have to lead to disaster. Let us help you resolve the situation.

Keep Track of Your Occupational Deductions Now to Make Next Tax Season Easier

Whatever business you're in, you can deduct certain expenses to reduce your tax liability.

Dealing With Your Tax Penalty

Penalties can be reduced or removed under some circumstances.

Are You Facing Tax Filing Issues Due to a Recent Divorce?

Divorce complicates everything, including taxes.

Get the Help With Back Taxes You Need in Cudahy

Deal with back taxes now to take some of the hassle out of tax season.

Taxation Solutions Client Settles Big with the IRS!

At Taxation Solutions, we believe when it comes to settling with the IRS we only settle for the lowest amount allowed by the law. We are pleased to announce that one of our clients, A.G from New York recently had their settlement offer accepted by the IRS. Originally, the IRS claimed that A.G owed $100,000 in back taxes. After months of mediation, we were able to lower her amount to $1,000! Taxation Solutions always takes pride in assisting taxpayers with their IRS issues and protecting their financial future! Have an IRS problem that you need help with? Contact us today for your free consultation! 414-377-3692 The IRS Settlement Programs eligibility varies for each individual and not all will qualify.

Protect Your Interests With Qualified Audit Defense in Brookfield

Why risk making things worse for your tax audit when you can have one of our seasoned tax consultants be your spokesman and tax advocate?

Effective Strategies Are Available for Tax Relief in Franklin

The most effective way to solve your tax problems in the Franklin area and nearby communities is by calling our seasoned tax resolution experts at Taxation Solutions, Inc.